Maryland Welding Technology Inc. AWS Certified Welder Tests and TrainingCertified welder tests provide a definitive series of procedures which specify how to correctly execute various weld processes. By gaining a welding credential through testing at our AWS ATF s’s(American Welding Society Accredited Test Facility) , you are demonstrating proficiency in meeting a specific weld process requirement. Your welding credentials received at Md Weld Tech Inc. AWS ATF are nationally recognized and can benefit your salary increase and employment prospects.

Our Approach

Welding is a joining process that permanently joins together two separate components with heat, pressure, or a combination of both to make one new part. Welding is one of the most economical ways to join two metals permanently. Arc welding uses the power of electricity to generate the heat necessary to melt and join metals together.
These classes cover the basic components and common processes used during arc welding. They also provide an overview of the various types of welded joints and describe how electrical variables affect arc welding. Intermediate-level classes focus on the weldability of numerous metals and address the specific details necessary to begin hands-on training for the major arc welding processes.


Welders must certify at an AWS Accredited Test Facility (ATF), in order to perform D1.5 Bridge Welding Code work on highway projects in the Mid-Atlantic region, including the State of Maryland. Welders needing certification for bridge welding must contact an ATF center and request to be tested in accordance with D1.5 Bridge Welding. This certification will be accepted by the following States Department of Transportation (DOT): Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania.

Maryland Welding Technology Inc. is now an ATF center, and can test you in accordance with the bridge welder certification requirements . Call us at 240-270-7128 Mon-Fri 8-5.

Structural Plate Welder Performance Qualification Tests

Clicking on the name of a test will open the specs for that test.
Testing information available for the following certifications:
AWS D1.1 Structual Welding code-Steel SMAW Structural Plate, all position, unlimited 1″ thickness test SMAW Structural Plate, all position, limited 3/8″ thickness test FCAW Structural Plate, flat position, unlimited 1″ thickness test FCAW Structural Plate, all position, limited 3/8″ thickness test

Pipe Welder Performance Qualification Tests

These certifications are per the ASME code and maintained by AWS National Program

Testing information available for the following certifications:

SMAW Pipe: ASME section IX / E6010 / E7018

GTAW/SMAW Pipe: ASME section IX / ER70S-2/E7018 Your certification remains valid as long as you submit your certification maintenance
forms every six months as required by the Code of Acceptance that governed your test.
As long as you can verify (have your employer sign the form) that you are still performing
the same welding as you originally tested for, your certification remains in effect.
But remember, you must send in your certification maintenance form.

Our Story

Maryland Welder Technology -was founded in 2015 in White Plains, Md. The school’s owner, Bob Romero, has been an auto mechanic, welder repair technician , welding supply distributor . Since  1985 , Bob Romero has been involved with welding supplies, welding machines sales and service and has had online sales since 1997 . In 2014 he started the Maryland Welding technology Inc.  to train welders for the industry that served him for the last 32 years. There is an untapped wealth of talent out there that only needs to be trained and certified so that we can have a more productive work force. Maryland Welding Technology Inc. is an American Welding Society (AWS) Accredited Test Facility.

Meet the Team

Opening in the first quarter of 2018

Bob Romero – President

bobby 2

John Balazek –CWI/ Instructor/Inspector

I learned how to weld in 1978 so I could repair my bike. By the time I reached High School I was welding on mine and my friends cars installing floor pans, body panels, subframe connectors and suspension mods. I started my Sheet Metal Apprenticeship in 1982 and because I could weld that was mostly what I did welding Stainless, Black Iron, Galvanized and Aluminum. Much of my career was spent welding on laboratories where they experimented with Biological/Chemical Weapons and did Genetic Research. I amassed certifications in all 4 common manual processes SMAW, GMAW, GTAW and FCAW on Carbon and Stainless Steels as well as Aluminum. I’ve also racked up several Awards for Craftsmanship and Innovation. I spent several years in the 90’s working in a fab shop where we built News Vans and Mobile Production Vehicles in the Front Shop and Military Prototypes and Mission Specific Equipment Packages in the Back Shop. We created entire Vehicles and Specialized Equipment from Ideas. I earned my CWI in 2008. I mostly taught at the Apprentice School and Community College my first few years until I was offered my first real QC job in Bermuda. Afterwards I did Nuke outages in Florida and Kansas before landing a job QC’ing Power Plants being built in Waldorf and Brandywine. I am looking forward to settling down and teaching what I have learned over the years and maybe using a few personal projects to demonstrate just what you can do with welding

Next Steps…

Call to Action
If you are an AWS Certified welder and your test was done through an AWS Accredited Test Facility (ATF) you will need to renew your certification regularly with AWS to keep them current. The back of your AWS card lists the certifications you are qualified in and the expiration date for each. Certifications in accordance with Supplement C or D9.1 for the Sheet Metal Welding Code require maintenance every 12 months. Certifications in accordance with D1.1 and all other codes require maintenance every 6 months.  The cost for renewal is $15.00. You must also keep an auditable record of welding activity within every 6 month period. 
If you are an AWS Certified Welder in need of renewing your certification, download the form below, fill out and send in by the expiration date to properly maintain your certification.
If you want Maryland Welding Technology Inc . to re-test you within the time period we can do that at our facility and send in the AWS paperwork
the charge is $ 50 , as long as your certification falls in the time period.
MAINTENANCE OF WELDER CERTIFICATION FORM If you did not take your test through an ATF center, or elected not to take the ATF upgrade, you will not need to submit maintenance forms. However, you still must keep an auditable record of welding activity within every 6 month period.  Not sure if you took an ATF test? An easy way to check is if you received a wallet card from AWS . If necessary, call the center that you tested with to verify.